5 Things You Should Never Do To Curly Hair

5 Things You Should Never Do To Curly Hair

5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Curly Hair and Why ?

If you have curly hair and have been apart of the curly hair community for a while, you no there can be a lot of curly do's and don't. Some make complete sense, some get confusing and some are for everyone and others are for a select few. 

Why are there so many do's and don'ts you may ask. Well one reason is because Kinky, Curly, Coily hair is often more fragile than Straight hair due to the shape of the curly hair fibres. This makes it more prone to damage and breakage if not treated right.

So lets break down some curly have don'ts and why you may or may not want to consider cutting this out of your curly hair routine.

1. Detangling on Dry Curls

Some may think this is an often basic step that many people may know, but lets not forget how some of us grew up brushing our curls .... I know I definitely had moments of dry brushing and looking back on it now and its like a nightmare !

But why.....?

Dry curls maybe when your curls completely lack moisture as you are doing this later into your wash day or simply where your hair doesn't have the slip needed to allow the brush to glide through.

What is SLIP. Slip is a term used within the natural hair community to described wet, moisturised curls that give that slippery feeling allowing your tangles to unknot easier.

If you have ever detangled on dry hair you would often hear a horrible sound, along following increased frizz and weakened hair strands, as your hair works over time due to not having that SLIP formed by moisture. This can result in split ends and breakage.

So how can you create that much needed slip: use a great conditioner/deep conditioner. Yep its that simple, BUT I do emphasize the work GREAT as not all conditioner/deep conditioners provide great slip and that may mean you want to swap this out for a better option.

2. Detangling your hair from the roots down


Staying on the theme of detangling, when detangling do not start from the roots down.

When your detangle your hair in this way, the end result will often be a big knot form. This is caused by the comb/brush all your knots further down your hair strand making them build up.

Naturally if this occurs the challenge of unknotting your hair becomes harder to work through, resulting in harsh detangling methods, increase pulling and tugging on your strands, again resulting in knots, split ends and breakage. In worse case scenarios it could result in needed your hair cut if you really struggle to untangle your hair.

Alternatively the best way to detangle your curls are from ends to roots, this will allow your to slowly work out the knots as your move up gradually. As your detangle work on small sections of hair and think of it as moving up steps as your detangle the small section of hair.


3. Over wash your hair

Is there such a thing I hear you ask ?... Well yes... Why is this a problem... Well. Shampoo can be great to remove product build up as most curlies will use various different products throughout the week to keep their curls popping.

Although shampoo is a stripping agent, our hair has natural oils, good oils, and if these are removed complete or moisture we have added is completely stripped away, you will often find your curls stringy, frizzy, which yes you guessed it will result in breakage. Additionally its also not good for your scalp as over shampooing can result in your scalp feeling tight due to lack of nourishment. This could lead to your scalp feeling itchy.

So what is the alternative because of course we want clean strands. Consider reducing your wash day, you may only decide to wash your hair once a week. It you find your hair is itchy with build up and your hair is limp you may shampoo it or you may try a co-wash (conditioner wash).

As an added BONUS TIP: Many curls will opt a sulphate free shampoo which is less stripping to your curls.

4.Using Cotton Hair Accessories

Cotton while commonly used by retailers, it is not curly hair friendly. Cotton will often strip the curls of moisture, due to it fabric naturally attracting it. This results in dry curls, lots of frizz due the cotton rubbing against your curls, tangles, snagging as your curls get caught causing breakage.

The simple solution is transitioning to satin accessories that are made with curls in mind. These satin accessories can include satin pillowcases, bonnets, headbands, scrunchies, hoodies, and caps/hats. These accessories will keep your curls safe summer and winter, day and night.

Satin Hair Accessories ultimately make your curls last longer, reducing the need for as many refresh days.

You can shop our curly hair shop to treat your curls, we offer:


 5. Skipping your trims

Many curls will have their horror stories of going to the hair dressers, I refer to this as Hair Trauma, this will often result in many curlies staying away from hairdressers for years due to not knowing who to trust. I know I have had my fair share, see my story of hair trauma here.

Although if we skip our curly hair trims this may result in other curly hair trauma, as those split ends climb further and further up your hair strand, resulting in breakage.

So how can you over come this. Simply research curly hair stylist, see some of their previous work, but yes ultimate have some trust and faith will determine if you will follow through with getting your trim.

Here are two UK based hair stylists that do some amazing curly hair cuts, they cut your hair while in its natural state meaning no damaged caused by heating tools:

Bonus Tips: Having a trim, allows you to be pampered as you deserve when you go to a great hair dresser, they know what curly hair products to use, including ones that are natural to promote healthy hair growth. Additionally you can have a fresh style.

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