About us

About Ashanti Curls

Ashanti Curls was founded in late 2019 first on Instagram sharing curly hair tips, inspirational and motivational words & pictures, with the website launched in 2020 by a passionate curly girl.

The meaning behind the name ....

Ashanti is a region within Ghana. Our founder wanted a name that symbolised something close and meaningful to her. Ghana is a part of her heritage and she wanted to share that with her customers.

For years it was a dream to start a curly hair accessories brand after going natural in late 2012. Prior to that she had spent many years relaxing her hair, straightening and blowing drying it. It was only after she went natural she really begin to love her hair sending her confidence soaring. So she wanted to share this with more curlies!

After many years of trialling out products, finding it difficult to find the accessories needed she really wanted to support the curly community to have a one stop shop, and she had so many ideas of accessories that she felt the natural hair community would love.

For those with curly, coily or kinky hair their is a gap in the market to cater to those beautiful curls as accessories are limited within mainstream stores.

We want to be more than just a shop, we want to be able to inspire people to find the knowledge and tools to nurture their beautiful kinky, curly, coily & afro hair.

We are at the beginning of our journey but we are so excited and can't wait to take you along with us !



 'I don’t just want to sell a product I want to support the growth of people. This is my mission, this is Ashanti Curls.' 

(Ashanti Curls Founder)