How to prevent product build up for naturally curly hair

How To Get Rid Of Curly Hair Product Build ?

Many people with naturally curly hair suffer with product build up on their scalp and hair strands but what is it really, how does it occur and how can you get rid of it ? We are here to answer these questions for you. Lets say no build up and an itchy scalp....

What Is Product Build Up ?

Product build up is an accumulation of excessive product and natural oils that have built up on your hair shaft and scalp over a period of time.

This is often common for people with naturally curly hair as our curls resemble a spring like shape making it harder for oils on our scalp to work its way down your hair shaft, resulting in sitting for natural oils and products on your scalp and strands.

Product build is where your hair is often no longer able to absorbed moisture to your hair. This often occurs later in your wash week, which is common and normal, in some cases this maybe excessive and frequent. 

 What Causes Product Build Up ?

Your hair can often become weighed down as the product is siting on your strands, throughout the week you may reapply product to refresh your hair to support moisture retention giving it an extra boost throughout the week to make your hair styles last longer and reduces dryness to your strands.

Layering of products and/or using heavy products over time will often result in product build up. Does this mean you should cancel heavy products all together ? Not necessarily, if your hair requires a heavy product then you are best to use it as it often seals in moisture, we will talk about this more later. 

Product build is often more common if you have low porosity, this is due to hair cuticles being closed resulting in products sitting on the top of your strands. If you have excessive build up this reduces the amount of water or product you apply absorbing into your hair.

Some curlies have found that particular products can also cause product build up such as excessive use of co-washing products- this is essentially a conditioner wash. Also the use of silicones can cause build up as it can cause a film around your hair, creating a barrier to water and product being absorbed into the hair, therefore leading to build up.

How can you know if your have product build up?

  • Your scalp will have a build up of oil/product. You may notice flaking or excess or feel the product on your scalp
  • Your hair may look dull and feel dry.
  • Your hair becomes frizz and no longer holds a curl pattern.
  • Your hair lacks volume.

How to reduce product build up ?

  • Use clarifying shampoo's within your routine.
  • Wash your hair regularly- often curlies wash their hair weekly, but if needed due to build up this can be earlier. Listen to your hair.
  • Use an apple cider vinegar rinse- this helps to strengthen your hair, cleanse your scalp, balance your scalps PH levels and reduces frizz and breakage.
  • Use baking soda, as it helps to exfoliate your scalp- you can use two part baking soda & one part water. Leave to sit for a minute or two then rinse.
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