Hair Density: Type & Care

What is Hair Density?: Your Type & How To Care For It

What Is Hair Density:

Hair density refers to the number of strands of hair on your head, and how closely those strands are packed together on your head.

This is not the same as someone saying your hair is 'thick', that is normally in reference to each strand of hair width.

How to work out your hair density

  • If you can see your scalp you likely have low hair density.
  • If you can see your scalp with a little effort then you most likely have medium density. 
  • If it’s difficult or impossible to see your scalp, you have high hair density.

The importance of knowing your hair density

1.Ultimately it helps you to decide the products you are going to use:

- Low Density- light products as not to weigh

your hair down e.g. a mousse to give volume.


-Medium Density- Light products such as

leave-ins or you can choose heavy products

such as creams to give it more weight to

lengthen and hang down


-High Density- Consider more thicker creams

and gels.


2.Helping to identify styles- for curlspiration look at someone who has a similar density to you.

- Low density styles- rounded hairstyles to allow your curls to fall into place and give volume 

- Medium density styles- can use various styles- wash n go, twists & braids 

- High density styles- low manipulation hair styles- twists reducing tangles


How to determine your hair density


  • Count them- This the most accurate way, but time consuming option. On average, each person has approximately 2,200 strands of hair per square inch on their scalp.


  • Check your scalp- Your hair needs to be dry, as when wet it can look thinner and in its natural state, do not part it. Look in the mirror and see if you are able to see your scalp at different angles, the harder it is to see higher density you have.


  • Measure your ponytail- put your hair in a ponytail, measure the approximate circumference of your hair :

    - Low density hair will be less than two inches

    - Medium density will measure between two to three inches 

    -High density will be at least four inches.

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