The Benefits Of Satin for Curly Hair

The Benefits Of Satin for Curly Hair

As Curlies we often think about making sure our curls are looking fresh and moisturised during the day time, which of course is important but our night time routine is just as important to maintaining healthy hair.


The most common type of fabric used on our curls is cotton, this can be a nightmare for our curls as it takes away the moisture ! I am sure you have had those moments where you hair is dry and frizzy when you wake up from a cotton pillowcase, or a dry patch in your curls from your cotton hair band, or horrible hat hair from your cotton lined cap. 


If you can relate your in the right place !

Here are some amazing benefits to sleep on Satin for Curly Hair:


1. Reduces Frizz. Your curls will glide across the satin causing less friction than cotton, this will support to maintain your curl pattern.


2. Reduces Split Ends & Breakage as your curls glide across the satin, tangles and knots are less likely to form on hair strands helping to prevent split ends and breakage as they do not snag or become dried out unlike a cotton.


3. Maintains Moisture. Satin it’s less absorbent, resulting in hair being hydrated and supporting oil retention. Say goodbye to dry spots like you would have with a cotton hair band, satin scrunchies are the way forward. 


4. Time Saver.  When using satin you will find you won't have to refresh your hair as often, as your curls won't be stripped of moisture as quickly. 


4. Shiny Hair. As the moisture in your hair is maintain your hair will remain shiner for longer but it look lustful. 


All of these tips will help to promote healthy hair. 


Bonus Tip:-

Ok so we have listed the amazing benefits to sleeping on satin for your curls but as an extra bonus satin pillowcases are also great for your skin ! They help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as satin also maintain the moisture in your skin when you sleep on a satin pillowcase.


When caring for your curls satin products are just as important as hair products helping to support healthy hair !


Here are some must have satin products to add to your curly day and night routine:

Satin Lined Hoodie- Available From Ashanti Curls- £46

Satin Pillowcase- Available From Ashanti Curls £20


Satin Scrunchies- Available From Ashanti Curls £4.99


Satin Lined Half Curly Cap- Available from Ashanti Curls £25




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