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3 Ways To Search For The Perfect Hair Ties For Curly Hair

3 Ways To Search For The Perfect Hair Ties For Your Curls

If you have curly hair you will often be thinking of ways to reduce the amount of breakage, snagging and tangling and curly hair bands play a big role in this. In order to find the best hair band you want to consider two things, the material and thickness.

3 things to look out for when choosing your curly hair bands

Firstly your want to ensure that your hair bands do not have any metal claps, these are one way your hair can get snagged resulting in split ends and breakage. The best hair ties will be ones that are continuous all the way around.

Secondly your want to ensure that your hair bands that will support to retain moisture and won't absorb this from your hair. We can all relate to the nightmare of having dry sections of your hair where the hair band as removed to moisture. 

Thirdly remember to consider looking for hair bands that have great stretch, helping to reduce tension and breakage helping to give that sleek look without damaging your beautiful curls.

Scroll to see the perfect hair bands meeting these must haves !

1. Curl Bands- £3.99 (3 bands within a pack)


Our curl bands have great stretch and no dreaded clasp ! They are perfect for any wet hair styles, such as deep conditioning, fresh twists or braids, as they are waterproof they will not absorb that much needed moisture our curls need. 

You can use then for your curly up do's, giving you that great sleek look.

And those who love the gym.... need we say more... they are perfect for working out, as they will keep your hair in place but prevent excessive tension.

One reviewer wrote: "Great Bands these are great at holding my hair up, strong and long lasting. Not like others I have used before. Highly recommended these"


2. Satin Scrunchies- £4.99 

These satin scrunchies are super silky soft and Vegan friendly ! These scrunchies have a great stretch and are a good thickness. They have no clasps helping to reduce split ends and unnecessary breakage.

Satin is known to be great for those with curls as it does not strip that much needed moisture and reduces breakage and tangling as your curls just glide through the satin scrunchie.

You can use these scrunchies for a curly up do by day and a pineapple by night to sleep (don't forget your satin pillowcase as well). 

They come in other great colours perfect for all occasions.

They are literally a game changer, see what others have to say about them:


Unstructured Satin Lined Half Curly Cap £25


OK OK, well spotted this is not exactly a curly hair band, BUT !!!! At the back of this curly cap is a satin lined band. This band is super stretchy acting like a huge scrunchie when you put on our half caps, keeping it in place.

This is our Unstructured cap, meaning their is no additional support around the front two panels making the cap soft and flexible all the way around. We do offer a Structured cap with panels at the front if preferred.

It is lined with Satin to protect those curls from loosing that much needed moisture.

Now you do not have to worry if a cap will allow those curls to truly shine as our cap comes with a larger open back to have a curly pony tail or a curly bun. Say no to restrictive caps.

If you are working out this is a beautiful addition to your routine, shielding your face from the sun and room for your curls, keeping them out of your face. WIN WIN.

One reviewer wrote: "I am absolutely in love with this cap. It is my everyday go to. I honestly can’t fault it. It’s extremely comfortable and it looks amazing on!!"

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