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Do You Have Protein Sensitive Hair ? : Find Out Now - Naturally Curly Hair

What Is Protein And Why Is It In Our Curly Hair Products

I am sure you have heard this phrase used a lot within the curly hair community but what is it really ? And what does it mean for your naturally curly hair ?...... 

Protein is a key component of healthy hair, but does adding it adding protein to your hair making it 'healthy' ? The answer is no not really, the basis of adding protein to your hair is that it provides a protective layer to your hair strands that strengthens and adds resilience to your hair. So if you can find an alternative ingredient that provide a protective layer like protein based products then you are onto a win, especially if you have protein sensitive hair.


So what is protein sensitive hair and how do you determine if your curly hair is protein sensitive ?

Protein sensitive is most likely a word you hair often heard being used within the natural hair community without being completely sure what it is or how it is caused. Protein sensitive hair is in essence an allergic reaction that can take place on your hair or scalp.

The most common way to identify if you are protein sensitive is when you apply products and identify a reaction. If you hair a reaction on your scalp your may notice that your scalp has bumps or patches forming or if on your hair strands your hair is likely to become brittle and dry with the likelihood of increased shedding. 

Does this mean you should cut out protein all together ?

No not necessarily.....

It could be that you are protein sensitive, which is these cases may mean you may want to the selective with the products you pick and not used protein based products.

Or it could be that you have overused proteins within your curly hair routine which is called protein overload. Just like most things, less is more, try to cut down using protein based products as regularly. 

It could also be that your hair does not like a certain type of protein ingredient either by itself or because its mixed with other ingredients.

Ultimately trial and error will be the best option.

How often used you use protein based products and/or protein treatments.

There is not a set amount of time you should or shouldn't use protein based products ultimately you need to listen to your hair and if your hair reacts to protein based treatments or products weekly, or two weekly or monthly or more irregular then this is the hair routine you should adapt to.

What are the different types of protein ingredients ?

  • Silk protein soften and strengthen your hair
  • Vegetable protein are often easily absorbed into the hair shaft and attract that much needed moisture.
  • Collagen protein will increase hair’s elasticity making hair more bouncy.
  • Wheat protein moisturises and strengthens.

All protein based ingredients will benefits your curls in different ways, if the ingredients are in the top 5 on the ingredients list you then know the volume of the ingredient within the product is high which may therefore impact the affect on your hair. Like any product make sure you always read the label first.

Top Tip

Trial and Error is key, what works for someone else may not work for you, and what works occasionally may not be of benefit to use regularly on your tresses.

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