5 Curly Hair Ingredients To Avoid In Your Products

Beware Of These 5 Curly Hair Ingredients 


Today there are so many different curly hair products available for curly hair, this definitely comes with its pros and cons. 


  • There are more products to allow curlies to find what works for them
  • Curlies feel heard within wider society.
  • There is more knowledge available to ensure curl health.


  • Becoming a product junkie (been there)
  • Larger brands with mass products often use cheaper ingredients within their products.
  • You don't know where to start

Why should we be mindful:

We have to be carful not to let the pretty packaging fall us, a lot of brands will have the nicest looking bottles, with the most amazing smells at an incredibly affordable price but can be the most damaging to our curls and our bodies !

5 Ingredients To Avoid:


Silicones can coat the hair like a film (think like a plastic coating) over your hair, the majority of them are not water soluble, this can cause build up and prevent water from penetrating the hair shaft throughout the week reducing the opportunity to rehydrate your curls. 


You will often find parabens within your cosmetic products, they are chemicals commonly used as a preservative to help to prevent bacteria forming. Although have links to cancer and concerns of them affecting hormone functioning leading to other issues.


Formaldehyde is a colourless, strong smelling gas used in some hair care products. Formaldehyde can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat and can lead to cancer and other serious health issues.


Sulfates are used as a stripping agent to clean hair. Sulfates can strip away the moisture in your hair including your hairs natural oils leaving your hair dry, brittle and dehydrated.


Humectants are often used in curly hair products to reduce dry and damaged hair. Humectants are perfect in warmer weather as it grabs hold of the moisture in the air and brings it to your hair. Where as in colder periods or drier climates there isn't much water for humectants to grab hold of having the adverse affect.

How can you know if your curly hair products have these ingredients:

We know how hard it is to understand all the different ingredients on product labels, they are often long words with very little meaning to someone other than a scientist. 

We created a really simple easy to read guide, this includes a break down to why to avoid these products in more detail, a list of the ingredients and some curly hair product alternatives.

Grab your FREE Ebook now and ensure you know what your buying and the afffects on your hair on the go. 




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